Experimental Production

Sustainability Futures Game

Sustainability Futures Game is designed based on a Nordic Urban Mobility 2050 game created for Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity programme of Nordic Innovation between Oct 2018-Feb 2019 by Hellon. The original Nordic Urban Mobility 2050 game was played on several occasions in Belgium, Finland, Norway and Denmark to trigger conversations among municipalities, business and mobility players (the game can be downloaded from here). The purpose of Sustainability Futures Game (the design is still ongoing) is to co-envision a desirable future state in 2030 and then backcast to find out pathways on how different UN SDGs have been achieved.

The Sustainability Futures Game is designed to be free from a specific context, unlike the original mobility-focused game designed for Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity programme. More open focus allows people from diverse industries and organizations to co-create desirable future scenarios and take away from that what matters in their organization’s context, ambition and values. Hence the outcome from the game varies between participants and what they find interesting and relevant. Diversity aims to increase out-of-box thinking, finding opportunities and creating different pathways for reaching the SDGs.

The Sustainability Futures Game has been designed foremost for people with sustainability-related roles in an organization. We also see it as a fruitful conversation starter on the future strategy discussions in organisations. Although the game includes educational elements (introducing some SDGs, sharing knowledge and experiences) its main purpose is inspirational and provides ‘food for thought’ for participants’ work practices. Hence in the game, we utilise methods from arts and design around improvisation and gaming.