Hellon’s Dare to Share: Co-imagining Sustainable Futures



In an age of rapid change and uncertainty, how are you creating shared visions of your company’s future? 

Many organisations have challenges in starting required transformations since they lack a shared understanding of the desired futures and how they connect to their sustainability goals. 

In the Dare to Share event, Hellon’s Sustainability Expert and Designer Sonja Nielsen and Principal Designer Kirsikka Vaajakallio discussed how to utilise future-oriented thinking and participatory approaches to address the much needed sustainability transformations within organisations. They presented a case example, the “Sustainable Futures Game”, which Hellon has created together with industry experts and researchers. The game can be used to inspire future-oriented thinking and kick-start conversations about future-proofing strategies within organisations.

Dare to Share is a monthly event series by Hellon. With these events we want to show you behind the curtains of the world’s most awarded service design agency, Hellon, and explore interesting topics and themes they encounter in their work with customer experience design.