What are the specific qualities of transformational creative practices?

The Observatory team has been working to:

  • identify new and emerging creative practices that aim to produce transformations towards sustainability
  • produce an initial analysis of processes, tools, concepts, devices, apparatuses used by creative practitioners.

How have we gone about this?

We have collected 140 creative projects that creative practitioners and interdisciplinary researchers have found transformative.

View the cases here on this interactive map.

We analysed these, alongside recent research in creative and sustainability fields to produce:

  • A set of creative pathways that are being used to imagine and to create more sustainable worlds.
  • A set of case studies that show these strategies in action – including our own CreaTures Experimental Productions (ExPs).

View the pathways and their accompanying case studies below [these are currently being added]. Read more in the CreaTures Framework and on this blog post explainer.

More detailed information can be found in our research Deliverables –

Deliverable D2.2 – A rapid review of how creative organisations were coping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deliverable D2.3 – A review of key concepts in the sustainability transformations literature, featuring 3 case studies of CreaTures commissioned projects.

Deliverable D2.4 – The analysis of the 140 cases, and the full list of creative pathways (what we call ‘transformative strategies’).