How might artistic and transformational aspirations and aims be aligned in practice? 


The CreaTures laboratory aims to develop, test, and illustrate a variety of aspects related to the transformational potential of creative practices by deploying a series of Experimental Productions (ExPs). The ExPs are set up as temporary co-creative spaces that can mobilize specific forms of artistic knowledge and provide safe collaborative environments for multi-stakeholder interaction to support  transformation process. The ExPs are embedded in different communities and urban contexts and are characterized by distinct approaches (from large immersive installation to small scale happening). Nevertheless, they all share the common goal of supporting transformational action for socio-ecological sustainability. The ExPs produce rich data not only to compare the different creative practices mobilized but also to distill key methodological lessons that are further studied by the CreaTures observatory.


Below are a few examples of past productions from CreaTures partners that form the basis of the experimental productions (ExPs) that we will be making. Other ExPs are being planned – stay tuned!

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