Open Calls & Calls for Tenders


Call for Tenders: Creative Support for ATNC Network

The CreaTures project is calling for tenders from creative organisations able to support the ATNC (Art Tech Nature Culture) network, engaged with issues of socio-ecological transformation, to co-design and collaborate on novel interaction activities. We invite creative practititioners (e.g., from arts, design, culture, citizen-led activism) to offer their ideas and structures for a year’s intervention in the network list (see it at ATNC is a global community of practice for creative practitioners across disciplines (from art, architecture and design to community organising and digital development) who care about social and ecological transformation. It was founded on the internet in Nov 2020 in the context of Covid-19 restrictions, and its 200+ members have started to connect on a classic discussion list to share work, make things, and support each other.

Call for Tenders: Finnish Collectives Engaged in Experimental Creative Practices

The CreaTures project is calling for tenders from Finland-based creative organisations engaged with issues of socio-ecological transformation to collaborate on a short-term experimental production. We are looking for a Finnish creative organisation, collective, initiative, or association that has long-term experience (at least 5 years) with conducting creative and experimental transformative work addressing socio-ecological sustainability. Ideally, they conduct their practice through art or design projects, cultural events, and/or artistic research and will be able to collaborate with the CreaTures team to undertake self-reflective research (e.g., observations, journaling, mapping) of the collective’s internal processes and how they have changed over time. The commissioned experimental production should aim to answer the following question: How are the experiences, insights and findings generated throughout a long-term creative transformative practice influencing the practice itself and its surrounding communities?

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