Open Calls & Calls for Tenders

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Interaction Designer / Producer / Web developer for CreaTures Open Creative Practice Framework

We are looking for an interaction designer/producer/web developer to help design an interactive website for the CreaTures ‘Open Creative Practice Framework’ – a framework that synthesizes work across the CreaTures project and enables actionable thinking about the role of creative practices and the arts in sustainability transformations. The role will involve conceptual work to help organize and make accessible the richness of CreaTures research and projects, as well as technical web development. The information architect / designer-producer will support CreaTures researchers in developing appropriate structure and materials for a public website to showcase their findings and provide logical entry points for multiple types of users.

Creative Response to CreaTures Research

We are calling for tenders from creative practitioners who can respond to the research aspects of the CreaTures project by producing a work, as a form of engagement, that captures some of the research challenges of working in a “creaturely” fashion (i.e. using creative modes of relating to each other, both within the trans-disciplinary consortium and beyond it). In Autumn 2022, CreaTures will launch an Open Creative Practice framework to share with practitioners and policymakers that summarises the project findings. Among other objectives, it will present what we have learned as researchers designing analytic processes to understand the relations involved in making transformation and how creative practices contribute. The successful commission will accompany this launch and address the experience of doing the research, as well as giving a sense of how others might embark on work with similar values. The details of how this creative response might be undertaken – and in what medium – are open, but the result must speak for itself without the need for curation and with the possibility of mounting it (or an image of it) on the CreaTures framework website.

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