ExPs Presentations at CreaTures Festival


Getting to know the CreaTures ExPs || Thursday 30 June | 18:15 – 19:30

The CreaTures festival in Seville hosted a lively Pecha Kucha-style introduction of the experimental productions (ExPs) that were delivered by their authors.

Contributions by:

  • Felipe Gil (Commonspoly)
  • Markéta Dolejšová (Open Forest)
  • Isabel Beavers (Nocturne)
  • Ruth Catlow (The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025)
  • Sonja Nielsen (Sustainable Futures Game)
  • Markéta Dolejšová (Experimental Food Design for Sustainable Food Futures)
  • Genevieve Rudd (Yarmouth Springs Eternal)
  • Michal Mitro (Open Urban Forest)
  • Martyna Miller (View from the Window)
  • Josefina Buschmann & Daniela Camino (Fallen Clouds)
  • Taro Knopp (MyCoBiont)