Experimental Production

Fallen Clouds

The Fallen Clouds is a speculative storytelling research-based project that delves into the socio-environmental impacts of digital infrastructures to break the great myth of cloud computing through situated spells casted in Chile.

The narrative follows a digital cloud searching for its body and origin that are extended among submarine cables in Valparaíso, data centers in Santiago, and minerals in the Atacama salt flat. On the journey, it becomes entangled with human and more-than-human beings; socio-environmental conflicts; past, present, and future myths.

The project takes the form of a polyphonic and tactile installation composed of 3 material-sonic fragments and 3 film projections, each one connected to one of the three territories explored and the myths related to them.

Project credits:
Original idea, research and direction: Josefina Buschmann 
Sound designer & Original composition: Nicole L’Huiller 
Producer: Daniela Camino 
Director of Photography: Francisca Saez 
Editor: Melisa Miranda