MyCoBiont – Radio micelij



A three-day ‘Radio Mycelium’ workshop led by Martin Howse [as part of Kersnikova’s MyCoBiont ExP] will focus on constructing a series of experimental situations examining a new networked imaginary, the single organism of the fungal mycelium, in relation to local, global and universal electromagnetic signals.

Within this three-day workshop, we will build DIY radio receivers and sculptural antennae, test the reception of signals and interface them with examples of the various growing mycelium and mushrooms. We will learn about interspecies communication between humans, mycelium, and their environments – through sound, radio, touch, smell and ingestion.

We will further explore the connections between mycelium and deep space radio signals, noting simple parallels between the scaled formations of radio telescope arrays, and the arrayed forms of certain mushroom bodies.

Series of workshops // July 5-7,  2021 // Kapelica gallery, Ljubljana [SK]

Details about the workshop & location are available here 🍄🍄🍄