Refuge for Resurgence Film Released!



Refuge for Resurgence ExP, exhibited as part of the Biennale Architettura, La Biennale Di Venezia 2021 from 22nd May to 21st November, is a multispecies dining experience with animals, birds, plants and fungi. The ExP authors from the Superflux studio have produced a short film to bring the exhibition experience to interested audiences around the world.

As part of an ongoing mission to explore hope through crisis towards a more-than-human future, you are invited to a dinner table around which multiple species gather as equals. In response to the Venice Biennale’s theme – ‘How Will We Live Together?’ – Refuge for Resurgence considered how all forms of life on earth might come together to celebrate their ecological interdependence in a post-Anthropocene world — a symbolic home where all species can prosper with resilience, adaptation, and hope. 🍽 🦊