The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 @ IAM Weekend 2021 Festival



The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 – Interspecies Assembly hosted by Ruth Catlow & Bea Xu was hosted at IAM Weekend 2021 festival – Plante Earth edition.

Based around a set of LARPs – or live-action role play – games the Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 is played from more-than-human perspectives to encourage the blooming of a bountiful biodiversity and interspecies political action. Participants think like a dog, bee or even grass and help change the way we all see and participate in our local urban green spaces forever.

The video of this first Interspecies Assembly shows 7 players channelling the needs, wants and lived experience of different species, in a debate about which biodiversity habitat should host the first Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park. Find out more about the Treaty of Finsbury Park here.