The Forest Multiple – A symposium and workshop at the University of Cambridge



Andrea Botero, on behalf of CreaTures, presented Open Forest at a panel about Forest practices and cosmopolitics at The Forest Multiple, symposium and workshop at University of Cambridge on 28th October. 🌳🌲 

The question of what is a forest runs through numerous environmental research and policy discussions. From international policy guidelines (FAO) to morphological classifications of tree density and height, as well as species variation, spatial extent, and carbon-storage capacity, many definitions of forests can be tied to their role as resources (Chazdon, 2016). Yet many other forests also surface as cultural, social, ecological, more-than-human, and cosmological relations and worlds, which further complicate the question of what is a forest. This symposium engages with the “forest multiple” (cf. Mol, 2002) to consider the pluralistic mobilizations and inhabitations of forests across varying contexts.