The CreaTures Documentary



How to tell a story that has not concluded? How to illuminate the many paths that have brought us closer and taught us new routes to unknown horizons? How to capture the echo of all the voices that were raised during this process? There is never a single story to tell and what we portray is only a part of a complexity that began long before we realized it and will conclude long after its scattered seeds are dragged to unforeseen places.

Knowing that we can only invite you to pull on some of the threads of the tangled galaxy that has begun to gravitate around CreaTures, we have tried to compose a story that can best represent the emotions experienced on this journey.

A symphony of choral voices from the meticulous recording of many of the experimental practices that can be found in the CreaTures Co-Laboratory Catalog, the testimonies collected during our face-to-face encounters, along with the records from the CreaTures Festival, this piece just wants to be a brief approach to the hidden gems that we have found without knowing and without expecting it, moving in ways that we did not know we could still experience.

A short film about the motivations, aspirations, joys, and challenges of the CreaTures research project. Enjoy the show ๐Ÿฟ!

And if you just want a small taste of what we have encountered along the way, check out and share this little magic pill ๐Ÿฌ