The Baltic Sea Lab is Learning Tarot



The Baltic Sea Lab has been getting Tarot training! 🌚

It isn’t any ordinary Tarot either, but the wonderful ECOtarot created by Adriene Jenik. Guided by water cards 🌊, Adriene shared with our Baltic Sea CreaTures the interpretations of the cards in her hand-crafted deck, and the different ways to perform a Climate Future reading. How special it was to be trusted with this knowledge!

“The ECOtarot cards and my custom spreads catalyze a series of intimate speculative exchanges that tap into the rational and irrational thoughts and feelings of a wide range of people struggling to make sense of how to live in our world. Climate Future readings tap into strong, often contradictory emotions, including ecological grief and the optimism underlying natural cycles.”

Adriene will collaborate with the Baltic Sea Lab to explore ways in which creative practices can foster people’s connection to the sea and the ocean.

Stay tuned! 🔥🌪🌱💧

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