taro knopp & Kersnikova: MyCoBiont – ml-iso|la|ti|o|nis|mus exhibition & sound performance



Signals from within Wednesday 29th June from 18:30 – 19:00, CreaTures festival in Seville (SP).

During the 15-minute sound performance, the DIY electronic sound instrument will transform the signal from mycelia inside the self-sustainable globes with local plants and fungi, which are the integral parts of ml-iso|la|ti|o|nis|mus art installation. Symbiotic organisms will be connected with electronic devices in a way that allows the technology to be incorporated into an organic circle of information. OctoSens is a multi-sensory interface and digital sound synthesiser. Data on the mycelial conductivity information, which comes from the electrodes inside the mycelial body, will be used to manipulate several aspects of sound. Multiple oscillators produce a low-frequency ‘square’ signal, which will result in an organic-sounding drone that changes the sound texture, but also turns on the synthesiser in chosen interesting rhythms.

Led by Taro Knopp, Nastja Ambrožič, Eva Debevc / Production: Kersnikova Institute / OctoSens: Osmo/za, Jakob Grčman