Seaweed artefacts in the Archive of Vibrant Matter, Porto Design Biennale



The Baltic Sea Lab ExP team led by Julia Lohmann has contributed some of their seaweed artefacts, including the fantastic KombuKamui dress to the Museum of Vibrant Matter, as part of the Porto Design Biennale in Portugal. You can visit the Archive online here or live when in Porto (don’t forget to eat some custard tarts too). 🌿🍰

Julia Lohmann’s KombuKamui dress as part of the Baltic Sea Lab ExP (Image credits: Julia Lohmann)

The Vibrant Matter Archive emerges in the context of the Porto Design Biennale 2021 as a dynamic collection of artefacts, materials, living organisms, matter and transformative practices. Initially presented by the chief-curator Alastair Fuad-Luke as one of the axes of the Museum of Vibrant Matter, the archive now adopts a digital and open format that invites all citizens to become “material explorers”. Through the submission of artefacts, the Archive appeals to the construction of a new intimacy and understanding with the built, natural and hybrid environments that shape our everyday lives.