Presentations, panel discussions & more

Post-project (2023 onwards)

Mattelmäki T. (2023). A ‘creaturely’ way of being and engaging – how creative practices can stimulate action towards socially and ecologically sustainable futures. Keynote at Sustainability Science Days conference in Helsinki. Opening Words and Plenary 3 – SSD 2023, Thursday, May 25, 2023

Dolejšová, M. (2023). CreaTures Co-Laboratory. IN SITU: Place-based Innovation of Cultural and Creative Industries in Non-urban Areas seminar


Beavers, I. (2022). Nocturne [Artist talk]. Uncertainty of Rain – Creative Impact Lab Amman. IDare in Amman, Jordan.

Catlow, R. (2022). The Interspecies Meditation and Sharing Circle. [Festival presentation]. Uroboros Festival 2022. Prague, CZ

Catlow, R. (2022). Treaty of Finsbury Park. [Conference presentation].  The value of creative practices for sustainability transformations: A dialogue about art, power and change between researchers, governing actors, and artists panel. 2022 Toronto Conference on Earth System Governance (online)

Catlow, R. and Bollier, D. (2022). Ruth Catlow of Furtherfield: Art, Play and the Imagining of New Worlds [Interview]. Frontiers of Communing podcast (online)

Dolejšová, M. (2022). Open Forest. [Conference presentation].  The value of creative practices for sustainability transformations: A dialogue about art, power and change between researchers, governing actors, and artists panel. 2022 Toronto Conference on Earth System Governance (online) 

Dolejšová, M. (2022). A Tale of More-than-Human Folly. [Festival presentation]. Helsinki Design Week – Designs for Cooler Planet 2022. Helsinki, FI

Dolejšová, M. (2022). Designing-with: Foods, Forests, Feral Creatures. [Talk / Lecture]. Aalto University – Innovative Fashion Design course

Dolejšová, M., Botero, A., Hee-Jeong Choi, J. and Ampatzidou, C. (2022). Walking in the Open Forest: Playing with Stories and Data. [Conference presentation] In GamiFIN Conference – GamiFOREST track (online)

Dolejšová, M., Wilde, D., Choi, J. H-j., Miller, M., Zamuruieva, I., Light, A., Botero, A. and Gil, F. (2022). The Feral Gift Exchange. [Festival presentation]. Uroboros Festival 2022. Prague, CZ

Hakio, K. and Mattelmäki, T. (2022). Design for Relating – Letting Go, Drifting, Making Shifts [Festival presentation + workshop]. Uroboros Festival 2022. Prague, CZ

Hanafi, A., Larsen, D., Chatelain, J., Brata Roy, S. and Skains, L. (2022). How do we Engage and Save the World-An Open Discussion Panel. [Panel discussion]. ELO – Education and Electronic Literature conference 2022, Como, Italy

Houston L. (2022) Enabling the Shared Imagining of Sustainability Transformations. [Conference presentation]. Sustainability Frontiers Conference, 14-15th February 2022 – Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

Houston, L., Light, A., Dolejšová, M., Mangnus, A., Mitro, M., Mitchell, C., Tovey, P. & Kuitenbrouwer, K. (2022). Managed Or Out Of Control? Bridging Policy And Creative Perspectives On Nature. Panel Discussion organised by the CreaTures project as part of the New European Bauhaus Festival (online)  

Houston, L., Zamuruieva, I., Light, A., Lohmann, J., Catlow, R., Lean, M. and Dolejšová, M. (2022). Feral Policy Panel. [Panel discussion]. Uroboros Festival 2022. Prague, CZ + online

Kaplan, D., Luchs-Tassé, C., Van Houten, S., Pearson, K.R., Galafassi, D., Tàbara, D., Julliard, R., Lavigne, J., Coenen-Rowe, L., Peterson, G. and Houston, L. (2022). Ingredients for Change: Collecting and sharing transformative practices. [Seminar]. Organised by CreaTures and Plurality University Network (online)

Jain, A. (2022). You can only be the Revolution. [Keynote]. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, April 2022

Jain, A., Lynn, G., Morton, T., Pasqueor, C. (2022). Corrective Methodologies and Architectural Futures [Panel discussion]. Studio Hani-Rashid (online)

Light, A. (2022). On Participative Intimacies and Other Invisible Achievements. Keynote at Participatory Design Conference 2022. Newcastle, UK

Light, A (2022). Remaking Networked Economies: Visions, Collaborations and Modest Transformations. [Keynote]. The 20th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. Coimbra, Portugal

Light, A (2022). This will not be Tidy: Transforming to Liveable Futures. [Keynote]. IOER Annual Conference 2022. Dresden, Germany

Light, A. (2022). Design research: what are we doing, and where are we going? [Panel discussion]. Design Research Society conference 2022. Bilbao, Spain

Light, A. and Gottlieb, L. (2022). ‘Dwelling better together’, with Ann Light. Relational Sensitivity podcast (online)

Light, A. and Houston, L. (2022). Measuring the Immeasurable: Creative Practice, Imagination and the Evaluation of Possibility. 4S – Society for Social Studies of Science / ESOCITE conference 2022. Cholula, México

Light, A. and Houston, L. (2022). Creative Practices for Transformational Futures (CreaTures): Understanding reflection [Conference presentation]. Anticipation and imagination: Reflecting on an emerging research lens in Earth System Governance panel. 2022 Toronto Conference on Earth System Governance (online)

Light, A., Houston, L. And Catlow, R. (2022). The role of reflection in eco-social change [Conference presentation]. NESS – Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference 2022, Gothenburg, Sweden

Light, A., Houston, L. and Neal, L. (2022). Creative Practices for Transformational Futures [Symposium presentation]. Sussex Humanities Lab, UK

Light, A. and Lohmann, J. (2022). Pushing Back the Tide [Panel discussion]. Museum Wiltshire, UK

Lohmann, J. (2022). Baltic Sea Lab. [Conference presentation]. The value of creative practices for sustainability transformations: A dialogue about art, power and change between researchers, governing actors, and artists panel. 2022 Toronto Conference on Earth System Governance (online)

Mattelmäki, T. (2022). Creative Practices for Transformational Futures. [Conference presentation]. A&DO seminaari 2022. Rovaniemi, Finland

Mattelmäki, T. (2022). Muotoilijapuheenvuoro (Designer’s talk). [Festival presentation]. Helsinki Design Week 2022. Helsinki, Finland

Vaajakalio. K. (2022). Sustainable Futures Game. [Talk / Lecture]. Aalto university – Collaborative and participatory techniques for design. Espoo, Finland

Vaajakalio. K. (2022). Sustainable Futures Game. [Talk]. ICONICS Webinar: Communicating climate futures-Insights from communications professionals, Engage project (online)

Zamuruieva, I. (2022). Roundtable reflection: Creatives in an era of climate emergency. [Symposium presentation]. Edinburgh, Scotland

Zemos98 and Farías, I. (2022). To play is to speculate [Workshop and talk]. The City and the Invention. Matadero Madrid, Spain.


Ampatzidou, C. (2021). What kind of cities do we (want to) play? [Conference presentation]. Media Architecture Biennale 2021 (online)

Ampatzidou, C., Choi, J. & Gil, F. (2021). Mapping instances of Co-evolution in the Commonspoly game actor network. [Conference presentation]. Transformations conference 2021 (online)

Ampatzidou, C., Dolejšová, M., Choi, J. H-j. and Botero, A. (2021). Feral Ways Of Knowing And Doing: Tools And Resources For Transformational Creative Practice [Conference presentation]. 2021 Pivot Conference: Dismantling Reassembling – Tools for Alternative Futures (online)

Ampatzidou, C. & Houston, L.(2021). Mapping transformative entanglements in creative practice [Conference presentation]. Transformations conference 2021 (online)

Ampatzidou, C., Vervoort, J., Light, A., Wolstenholme, R., Mattelmäki, T., Lindström S., Kárpáti, A. & Vella, R. (2021). Creative Resourcefulness for Sustainable Futures [Festival seminar & workshop]. Helsinki Design Week 2021, Finland (online)

Botero, A., Choi, J. H-j., Jain, A., Lapin, K., Sharma, S., Pineros, N., Lintunen, A. & Catlow, R. (2021). What is a forest? When is a forest? [Panel discussion]. Vienna Biennale for Change 2021 (online)

Catlow, R., Diem, C. & Houston, L. (2021). The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 – In Conversation at IAM Weekend 2021. [Festival presentation]. IAM Weekend festival 2021 (online)

Catlow, R. and Lai, T. (2021). The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025. [Conference presentation]. Forum For Earth @ COP 26 (online)

Choi, J. H-j., Botero, A., Ampatzidou, C., Beavers I., Dolejšová, M., Jain, A. & Lohmann, J. (2021). Re-membering with Fantastic Creatures. [Conference presentation]. Eco-creativity: Art, Music, Ritual and Global Climate Politics. Milton Keynes, UK (online)

Choi, J. H-j. & Feral Drifters @ Care-full Design Lab (2021). More-than-Human Dérive – Uroboros Edition [Festival presentation]. Uroboros 2021 festival (online) 

Chun, N. (2021). My (Collaborative) Journey for the Transformational Futures via Creative Practices [Seminar contribution]. UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology) Design Department Spring Seminar (online)

Chun, N. (2021). Fashion Lab [Presentation] Helsinki Design Week 2021 – Designs for a Cooler Planet. Espoo, Finland

Dolejšová, M. (2021). Proyectos cocreativos para futuros transformadores. [Symposium presentation]. Nudos – Jornadas Magallanes ICC para pensar arte, ciencia, tecnología y sostenibilidad conference. Seville, Spain

Dolejšová, M., Ampatzidou, C., Choi, J. H-j., Botero, A., Beavers, I., Pokrywka, A., Van Amstel, F., Satomi, M. & Perner-Wilson, H. (2021). Feral Creative Practices Panel [Panel discussion]. Uroboros 2021 festival (online) 

Dolejšová, M. & Svanda, A. (2021). Bring Your Own Kitchen [Festival presentation]. Pixelache 2021 festival. Helsinki, Finland + online

Gil, F. (2021). CreaTures – Creative Practices for Transformational Futures. [Talk / Lecture]. Global Sustainability Transformations course, Utrecht University (online)

Jain, A. (2021). Developing the Vision of the Bauhaus of the Seas 4: Renewing Practices. [Panel discussion]. Bauhaus of the Seas International Conference. Venice, Italy

Jain, A. and Ardern, J. (2021). Live talk with Anab Jain and Jon Ardern of Superflux as part of Dezeen 15 [Interview]. Dezeen (online)

Jain. A., Obrist H.U., Formafantasma & Diawara, M. (2021). Retracing the Roots – Anab Jain in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Formafantasma and Manthia Diawara. [Panel discussion]. Serpentine Gallery. London, UK

Jain, A., Spačal, S., Planišček, A. Petrič, Š., Peirano, M. (2021). (re)programming: Interdependence – Post-Human Politics [Discussion]. Aksioma – (re)programming: Strategies for Self-renewal (online)

Lohmann, J. (2021). Baltic Sea Lab [Presentation / panel discussion]. New European Bauhaus debates at the Arctic Design Week’s Arctic AHA! (online)

Lohmann, J., Jenik, A., Shamsher S., Fung, P., Markle, G. & Zamuruieva, I. (2021). Baltic Sea Lab: How creative practices can support sea health [Panel discussion]. Tvarminne, Finland + online

Lohmann, J. and Light, A. (2021). Roundtable: Transformative Economies [Panel discussion]. Bauhaus of the Seas conference (online)

Mattelmäki, T. (2021). Creative practices for transformational futures [Symposium presentation]. Beyond sustainability-as-usual: co-creating transformative change in sustainable living. Aalto University, New European Bauhaus event. Espoo, Finland

Mattelmäki, T. (2021). Transforming Europe’s Adaptation [Panel discussion]. Cultural adaptations conference (online)

Taylor, A., Thornton, C. and Laliberte, S. (2021). Social Ecology, Health Care, and Radical Politics. [Conference presentation]. 2021 ISE Summer Intensive: From Social Distancing to Social Transformation (online)

Thornton, C. (2021). The Evergreen Art Lecture Series Presents Cassie Thornton [Talk / Lecture]. Evergreen University, Washington, USA.

Thornton, C., Kashtan, M. And Lingo, K.J. (2021). Radical Care Panel [Panel discussion]. A Blade of Grass (online)

Vaajakallio, K. & Gustafsson, E. (2021). Sustanaible Futures Game. [Talk / Lecture]. Service Design Course, Aalto Open University. Espoo, Finland

Vaajakallio, K. & Holmlid, S. (2021). What games are good for in service design [Webinar lecture], online

Vaajakallio, K. & Nielsen, S.(2021). Co-imagining Sustainable Futures [Discussion]. Dare to Share event (online)

Vervoort, J., Light, A., Houston, L., Ampatzidou, C. , Milkoreit, M. & Gupta, A. (2021). CreaTures: imagination, earth system governance, transformation. [Conference presentation & workshop]. 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance (online)

Zamuruieva, I. & Hurst, E. (2021). The Pig Mourning Ceremony [Festival presentation]. Uroboros 2021 festival (online) 

Zemos98 (2021). Mapping artistic methods and tools to foster transformative change [Workshop and discussion]. FIBER 2021 festival (online)


Braybrooke, K. & Choi, J. H-j. (2020). Dérive Drift: Uroboros Edition [Festival presentation]. Uroboros – Designing in Troubling Times 2020 festival (online)

Choi, J. (2020). Experimental Futures: Art in a Post-COVID World. [Festival presentation]. MPavilion 2020. Melbourne, Australia (online)

Chun, N. (2020). Fashion Confession to the Sea [Conference presentation & intervention].  Art of Research conference. Espoo, Finland

Chun, N., Dolejšová, M., Hollmen, S., Kääriäinen, P., Lohmann, J., Mehta A.A., Vaajakallio, K. (2020). CreaTures Panel: Discussing the Power of Creative Practices for Reshaping the Future [Panel discussion]. Helsinki Design Week 2020, Designs for Cooler Planet (online)

Dolejšová, M. (2020). Parlour of Food Futures [Festival presentation]. Gaming for Commons festival, organised by ZEMOS98 (online)

Dolejšová, M. & Alster, D. (2020). Tarot Lab [Symposium presentation]. The 1st Nordic Symposium of Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices (online)

Dolejšová, M., Wilde, D., Altarriba Bertran, F. , Davis, H., & Reshef Kera, D. (2020). Feeding Food Futures: From Techno-solutionism to Inclusive Human-Food Collaborations [Conference panel]. EASST/4S 2020 conference (online)

Gil, F. G. (2020). Citizenry and Culture [Symposium presentation]. Cultura y Ciudadanía, Ministry of Culture of Spain (online)

Gil, F. G. (2020). Commonspoly [Festival presentation]. Gaming for Commons festival organised by ZEMOS98 (online)

Jain, A. (2020). Toward More-Than-Human Futures: Superflux [Conference keynote]. Node20 Forum for Digital Arts (online)

Jain, A. (2020). Sentient Forests [Symposium presentation]. European Forum Alpbach – Technology Symposium (online)

Jain, A. (2020). Becoming Unstable [Festival talk]. Fiber festival 2020 (online)

Jain, A. (2020). Into the Wild [Keynote] University of the Arts London LCC Staff Conference. London, UK.

Light, A. (2020). Creative approaches to climate and system change: Making futures through critical cultural change [Conference panel]. POLLEN Conference 2020.

Lohmann, J. (2020). Mouseness and seaweedness [Conference keynote]. The Art of Research Conference.

Lohmann, J., Botero, A., Dolejšová, M. and Chun, N. (2020). Baltic Sea Lab meets CreaTures [Seminar]. CreaTures Seminar #2.

Mattelmäki, T. and Von Flittner, Z.F. (2020). Creative Practices for Transformational Futures [Festival presentation]. Helsinki Design Week 2020, Designs for Cooler Planet.

Smrekar, M., Šutić, G., Pevere, M. (2020). Freaktion bar #13: reProductive narratives [Panel discussion]. Part of Kersnikova’s Freaktion bar public program (online)

Thornton, C. (2020). Cassie Thornton: The Hologram. Collective Health as a “Beautiful Art Work” [Workshop and talk]. Kunsthalle Wien (online)

Thornton, C. (2020). Feminist Economics [Interview]. Radio Tropezo (online)

Thornton, C. (2020). Open Practice Committee at University of Chicago: Cassie Thornton | Department of Visual Arts [Talk / lecture, online]

Thornton, C. (2020). VIDEO: The Hologram: Peer to Peer Health for a Post-Pandemic
[Talk]. VAGABONDS (online)

Thornton, C., Pirate Care, Medak, T., Fragnito, M. and Mišković, D. (2020). Care: Solidarity is Disobedience [Panel discussion]. Aksioma – ML8 Stream #4 (online)

Thornton, C., Zavitsanos, T. and Catlow, R. (2020). The Hologram: You can’t cut THIS: without multiplying it [Book launch discussion]. Eyebeam gallery (online)

Vaajakallio, K., Von Flittner, Z.F., Ampatzidou, C. (2020). Lunch & Learn #6 – Sustainable Futures Game Presentation [Presentation]. Lunch and Learn, RMIT Europe (online)