Presentations, panel discussions & more


Jain, A. (2022). You can only be the Revolution. [Keynote]. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, April 2022

Houston L. (2022) Enabling the Shared Imagining of Sustainability Transformations. [Conference presentation]. Sustainability Frontiers Conference, 14-15th February 2022 – Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).


Dolejšová, M. (2021). Proyectos cocreativos para futuros transformadores. [Master class]. Nudos – Jornadas Magallanes ICC para pensar arte, ciencia, tecnología y sostenibilidad conference, Seville, SP.

Choi, J. H-j., Botero, A., Ampatzidou, C., Beavers I., Dolejšová, M., Jain, A. & Lohmann, J. (2021). Re-membering with Fantastic Creatures. [Conference presentation]. Eco-creativity: Art, Music, Ritual and Global Climate Politics. 19 Nov 2021, Milton Keynes, UK.

Catlow, R., Diem, C. & Houston, L. (2021). The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 – In Conversation at IAM Weekend 2021. [Festival presentation]. IAM Weekend festival 2021.

Catlow, R. and Lai, T. (2021). The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025. [Conference presentation]. Forum For Earth @ COP 26 (openCOP).

Jain, A. and Ardern, J. (2021). We are more than human [Manifesto presentation). Dezeen Digital Festival 2021. 

Ampatzidou, C., Dolejšová, M., Choi, J. H-j. and Botero, A. (2021). Feral Ways Of Knowing And Doing: Tools And Resources For Transformational Creative Practice [Conference presentation]. 2021 Pivot Conference: Dismantling Reassembling – Tools for Alternative Futures. 

Jain, A. (2021). Developing the Vision of the Bauhaus of the Seas 4: Renewing Practices. [Panel discussion]. Bauhaus of the Seas International Conference, Venice.

Ampatzidou, C., Vervoort, J., Light, A., Wolstenholme, R., Mattelmäki, T., Lindström S., Kárpáti, A. & Vella, R. (2021). Creative Resourcefulness for Sustainable Futures [Festival seminar & workshop]. Helsinki Design Week 2021, Finland.

Vervoort, J., Light, A., Houston, L., Ampatzidou, C. , Milkoreit, M. & Gupta, A. (2021). CreaTures: imagination, earth system governance, transformation. [Conference presentation & workshop]. 2021 Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance.

Gil, F. (2021). CreaTures – Creative Practices for Transformational Futures. [Presentation]. Global Sustainability Transformations course, Utrecht University.

Botero, A., Choi, J. H-j., Jain, A., Lapin, K., Sharma, S., Pineros, N., Lintunen, A. & Catlow, R. (2021). What is a forest? When is a forest? [Panel discussion]. Vienna Biennale for Change 2021. 

Vaajakallio, K. & Gustafsson, E. (2021). Sustanaible Futures Game. [Presentation]. Service Design Course, Aalto Open University.

Lohmann, J., Jenik, A., Shamsher S., Fung, P., Markle, G. & Zamuruieva, I. (2021). Baltic Sea Lab: How creative practices can support sea health [Panel discussion]. Open to public, Part of Baltic Sea Lab ExP.

Dolejšová, M. & Svanda, A. (2021). Bring Your Own Kitchen [Festival presentation]. Pixelache 2021 festival.

Ampatzidou, C., Choi, J. & Gil, F. (2021). Mapping instances of Co-evolution in the Commonspoly game actor network. [Conference presentation]. Transformations conference 2021.

Ampatzidou, C. & Houston, L.(2021). Mapping transformative entanglements in creative practice [Conference presentation]. Transformations conference 2021.

Mattelmäki, T. (2021). Creative practices for transformational futures [Presentation]. Beyond sustainability-as-usual: co-creating transformative change in sustainable living. Aalto University, New European Bauhaus event.

Dolejšová, M., Ampatzidou, C., Choi, J. H-j., Botero, A., Beavers, I., Pokrywka, A., Van Amstel, F., Satomi, M. & Perner-Wilson, H. (2021). Feral Creative Practices Panel [Panel discussion]. Uroboros 2021 festival. 

Zamuruieva, I. & Hurst, E. (2021). The Pig Mourning Ceremony [Festival presentation]. Uroboros 2021 festival. 

Ampatzidou, C. (2021). What kind of cities do we (want to) play? [Conference presentation]. Media Architecture Biennale 2021.

Choi, J. H-j. & Feral Drifters @ Care-full Design Lab (2021). More-than-Human Dérive – Uroboros Edition [Festival presentation]. Uroboros 2021 festival. 

Chun, N. (2021). My (Collaborative) Journey for the Transformational Futures via Creative Practices [Seminar]. UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology) Design Depmartnemt Spring Seminar.

Jain, A., Spačal, S., Planišček, A. Petrič, Š., Peirano, M. (2021). (re)programming: Interdependence – Post-Human Politics [Discussion]. Aksioma – (re)programming: Strategies for Self-renewal. 

Mattelmäki, T. (2021). Transforming Europe’s Adaptation [Panel discussion]. Cultural adaptations conference.

Vaajakallio, K. & Holmlid, S. (2021). What games are good for in service design [Webinar]. Public event.

Jain. A., Obrist H.U., Formafantasma, Diawara, M. (2021). Retracing the Roots – Anab Jain in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Formafantasma and Manthia Diawara. [Panel discussion]. Serpentine Gallery

Vaajakallio, K. & Nielsen, S.(2021). Co-imagining Sustainable Futures [Discussion]. Dare to Share event.


Lohmann, J., Botero, A., Dolejšová, M. and Chun, N. (2020). Baltic Sea Lab meets CreaTures [Seminar]. CreaTures Seminar #2.

Braybrooke, K. & Choi, J. H-j. (2020). Dérive Drift: Uroboros Edition [Festival presentation]. Uroboros – Designing in Troubling Times 2020 festival.

Choi, J. (2020). Experimental Futures: Art in a Post-COVID World. [Festival presentation]. MPavilion 2020.

Chun, N. (2020). Fashion Confession to the Sea [Conference presentation & intervention].  Art of Research conference

Chun, N., Dolejšová, M., Hollmen, S., Kääriäinen, P., Lohmann, J., Mehta A.A., Vaajakallio, K. (2020). CreaTures Panel: Discussing the Power of Creative Practices for Reshaping the Future [Panel discussion]. Helsinki Design Week 2020, Designs for Cooler Planet.

Dolejšová, M. (2020). Parlour of Food Futures [Festival presentation]. Gaming for Commons festival, organised by ZEMOS98.

Dolejšová, M. & Alster, D. (2020). Tarot Lab [Symposium presentation]. The 1st Nordic Symposium of Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices.

Dolejšová, M., Wilde, D., Altarriba Bertran, F. , Davis, H., & Reshef Kera, D. (2020). Feeding Food Futures: From Techno-solutionism to Inclusive Human-Food Collaborations [Conference panel – organisers, contributors]. EASST/4S 2020 conference.

Gil, Felipe G. (2020). Citizenry and Culture [Symposium presentation]. Cultura y Ciudadanía, Ministry of Culture of Spain.

Gil, Felipe G. (2020). Commonspoly [Festival presentation]. Gaming for Commons festival organised by ZEMOS98.

Jain, A. (2020). Toward More-Than-Human Futures: Superflux [Conference keynote]. Node20 Forum for Digital Arts. 

Light, A. (2020). Creative approaches to climate and system change: Making futures through critical cultural change [Conference panel]. POLLEN Conference 2020.

Lohmann, J. (2020). Mouseness and seaweedness [Conference keynote]. The Art of Research Conference.

Mattelmäki, T. and Von Flittner, Z.F. (2020). Creative Practices for Transformational Futures [Festival presentation]. Helsinki Design Week 2020, Designs for Cooler Planet.

Jain, A. (2020). Sentient Forests [Symposium presentation]. European Forum Alpbach – Technology Symposium.

Smrekar, M., Šutić, G., Pevere, M. (2020). Freaktion bar #13: reProductive narratives [Panel discussion]. Part of Kersnikova’s Freaktion bar public program.

Jain, A. (2020). Becoming Unstable [Festival talk]. Fiber festival 2020.

Vaajakallio, K., Von Flittner, Z.F., Ampatzidou, C. (2020). Lunch & Learn #6 – Sustainable Futures Game Presentation [Presentation]. Lunch and Learn, RMIT Europe.

Jain, A. (2020). Into the Wild [Keynote] University of the Arts London LCC Staff Conference.