The public project deliverables so far include:

D1.5 Project website

D2.2 Review report of transformational strategies v1

D2.3 Review report of transformational strategies v2

D2.4 Review report of transformational strategies v3

D2.5: Resources for transformational creative practices v1

D2.8: Glossary of terms and methodological processes

D3.1: Experimental productions roadmap v1

D3.2: Experimental productions roadmap v2

D3.4 Large-scale Experimental productions

D3.5 Medium-scale Experimental productions

D3.6 small-scale Experimental productions

D3.7 Experimental productions report v1

D3.8 Experimental productions report v2

D3.9 Experimental productions report v3

D4.1 Prioritised indicators and baseline v1

D4.2 prioritized indicators and baseline v2

D4.3 Guidelines for participatory impact monitoring

D5.1 Dissemination, exploitation and engagement plan – draft

D5.3 Audience feedback tool