reProductive narratives: laboratory work and research residency [video]



The authors of the reProductive narratives ExP MAJA SMREKAR & GJINO ŠUTIĆ have shared a video with news about their recent laboratory work and research residency at the UR Institute In Zagreb (CRO).

Maja and Gjino recreated the published protocol of the first successful differentiation of endometrial mesenchymal stem cells (EnSCs) from menstrual blood into oocyte-like (egg-like) cells in order to develop and retell the narrative of a less invasive and intrusive alternative to IVF, to bring such technology closer to citizens, to raise their consciousness and to boost scientific literacy. During the six weeks residency they also optimized and modified the protocol by using synthetic reagents, supplemented with gonadotropin, extracted from Smrekar’s menopausal urine for reprogramming her cells.

A reProductive narratives workshop reflecting on the lab work is planned for autumn 2021 – more info coming soon!

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