Refuge for Resurgence @ Droog



The Refuge for Resurgence project by Superflux is showcased as part of Superflux’s Subject to Change solo exhibition at Droog studios in Amsterdam (NL).

Subject to Change is the first ever solo exhibition of London-based design studio Superflux. As a critically acclaimed, boundary-defying practice, Superflux confronts us with the complex and deeply interconnected nature of the challenges we face today. They invite us to remain open to a multitude of possibilities and navigate precarity with active hope. Their stories, films, objects, immersive installations and speculations craft new, optimistic, and enduring relationships with our planet, other species, technology, landscapes and each other.

On view in the gallery@droog from February 18th up until April 10th 2022.

Subject to Change – Resurgent forests, multi-species banquets, solarpunk technologies: stories of hope amidst the climate crisis.