Experimental Production

The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025

The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 is a game in 3 acts, a critique of colonialism as expressed through human domination of all living creatures and systems. It is to be created and played in the digital and physical urban green spaces of Finsbury Park in London. It takes the scenario of a multi-species assemblies in 2021 that lead to the creation of a Treaty in 2025 in which the rules and framework of “the game” are reset for environmental justice.

In 2020, NASA prepared a mission to colonise Mars. Alone in the expanse, the desire to set sail into the void is understandable for a frightened globe. A planetary health check reveals the terrible reality: countless lost species and one million additionally at risk of extinction, their erasure a direct result of relentless human activity. Five years later, an inter-species diplomatic mission convenes to negotiate a mutually assured agreement to reclaim the battered living, mechanical and digital systems for mutual care and respect.

The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 is a future event in which a multi-species delegation negotiates an unprecedented mutual agreement on behalf of all organisms in the face of an unprecedented threat. It is conceived as part of Furtherfield’s Citizen Sci-Fi program, and is centred around the 2021 theme, Love Machines

The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 was postponed by a year in early 2020 following the catastrophic COVID–19 pandemic. Gathering over the 2021 summer players will learn all about the park, its politics, and its lifeforms, to cocreate the gamespace and digital artworks that represent and support communication between the park and its users about the 2025 Treaty negotiations.

At its core is a central provocation: humans live in highly curated isolation, alienated from a planet teeming with life, by the imperialist systems of domination that we have created to control it. Rather than nurturing kinship with the vibrant ecologies of creatures in our own world, we try to cure this loneliness by seeking companionship from our machines or look far beyond our own realms for signs of life.

View the original concept documentation here.