Experimental Production

Baltic Sea Lab

The Baltic Sea Lab develops ways and concrete tools to identify and activate local communities to promote sea health. Many people would like to do more for the well-being of the seas, but cannot find ways to do that. Scientists or authorities, on the other hand, know what should be done, but they might lack enough resources. The Baltic Sea Lab aims to connect these groups through conversations, knowledge exchange and workshops.

The first iteration of the Lab uses as background a multisensory seaweed structure named Hidaka Ohmu, designed by Julia Lohman and the Seaweed Department. The structure of the pavilion is made of birch ply wood and rattan with a seaweed skin that has been treated with an environmental method to keep it flexible. This background facilitates conversations and alliances by bringing the sea, and some of its powerful elements, like seaweed, in a concrete way into the lab.

The Baltic sea lab  – with its Hidaka Ohmu seaweed pavilion installation – will occupy for a month a large retail space of the A-Bloc shopping centre in Otaniemi (Espoo, FIN). The installation is on display around the clock, viewed through the large shopping windows. Artists and researchers will occasionally work inside and invite others for one-to-one discussions (respecting Covid-19 restrictions).