Open Forest at GamiFOREST symposium



Our creatures from the Open Forest Collective will share insights from their feral forest walks & experimental drifts at the GamiFOREST symposium organised within the GamiFIN conference program 🌲.

Their presentation Walking in the open forest: Playing with stories and data takes place on Friday 29th April, 13:25 – 14:30 EEST. Conference entry is free, so you can stop by easily. The full conference program is available here πŸ‘€.


Open Forest is a collective, experimental inquiry into different forests and more-than-human dataflows. The project explores how forests and forest data can be produced, thought of and engaged with otherwise, in playful ways that consider perspectives of diverse forest creatures and reach beyond geo-engineering, techno-solutionist perspectives. In practice, the project consists of experimental forest walks followed by a co-creation of forest stories. Through these playful activities, we hope to entangle existing forests datasets with data that question and obscure the currently collected and available – mostly quantitative – insights about various forests. Our goal is to support collective imagination and care-full sustainability actions towards flourishing more-than-human futures.