MyCoBiont: taro knopp – ml-iso|la|ti|o|nis|mus workshop & exhibition



Exhibition opening and sound performance: 29th June @7.30pm

taro knopp
is a researcher and artist, who works within the frame of the cultural centre Stadtwerkstatt (Linz), focusing on mycelia as an omnipresent organism, a communicator between various plants and organisms. In his projects mycelia is viewed as a tactical socio-political comparison, used to critically rethink the alternative models of economic production and co-existence.

Within the MyCoBiont series with fungi, taking place at Kersnikova (Ljubljana) in the last year, taro and Kersnikova’s mentors set up the exhibition ml-iso|la|ti|o|nis|mus, bringing it now to Seville. The techno-organic hybrid consists of a specially constructed transparent acrylic globe, populated with mycelia, spreading through soil, partly polluted with substances, usual for our environment, and equipped with various technological sensors. The electronic devices sense the changes in the living mycelia and create a sound environment, which enables us to hear the changes inside the globe.

ml-iso|la|ti|o|nis|mus globe exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide inside a sealed environment and create a symbiotic and self-sustainable eco system. Author will leave the globes as distant satellites in the local environment, enabling a constant observation on development of their live content over a prolonged period of time.