More-than-Human Dérive @Melbourne Knowledge Week



Could sharing nonhuman stories, ‘voices’ and perspectives of our urban forest — a complex ecosystem of more than 70,000 trees and many other creatures — help us to better connect and live with it?

Created by the creatures from RMIT’s Care-full Design Lab in collaboration with Open Forest creatures at Aalto, this digitally-guided journey will take participants on a multi-sensory exploration of Melbourne’s thriving urban forest to playfully encounter the creatures, critters, and beings that cohabit the city with us. They will then be invited to creatively share their experiences online, which will contribute towards a larger artwork, to be constructed after Melbourne Knowledge Week. This artwork will create alternative, hybrid mappings of Melbourne’s incredible urban forest.

Check more about the More-than-Human Dérive workshop and the full MKW program 🦜🌳

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