Uroboros Festival 2022: Walking with Feral Forests, Creatures, Stories

How do various more-than-human stakeholders make sense of forests?

🐍 Experimental forest walk at the Uroboros festival led by Chewie from the Open Forest Collective 🐍

This is an in-person event that involves a 2-days field trip into the protected landscape area Křivoklátsko (CZ) to walk with the local forest and its creatures.

The walk is organised by the Open Forest Collective – a multi-disciplinary group of forest-curious creatures of diverse cultural, professional and biological origins – and guided by one of the Collective’s members, Chewie. We will follow Chewie to explore a patch of the local Bohemian forest and learn about its complex multi-species environment. On the way, we will exchange our experiences, observations and sensory impressions in the form of forest-stories. The walk will be performative and open-ended, centered around the elements of spontaneity, surprise, curiosity and squirrels.

The walk builds on the Collective’s previous experimental walks in other forests around the world that invite diverse forest creatures, including forest dwellers, Indigenous forest guardians, healers, scientists, data managers, artists, designers, as well as dogs and trees, to walk together and share their stories. Through these encounters, the Collective hopes to better understand how various stakeholders make sense of forest; questioning what can constitute a forest dataset, how it can be produced, and by whom. The main aim is to learn how forests and forest data can be produced, thought of and engaged with otherwise, in feral, co-creative ways that consider perspectives of diverse forest creatures and reach beyond techno-solutionist perspectives.

The Uroboros Festival 2022: Shedding the Skin (image credit: Uroboros festival).