Seminar #15: Ana Terra Amorim-Maia

At the intersection of climate and gender justice: creative designs for inclusive climate action

In this talk, Ana, Doctoral Researcher at the Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability, proposed an intersectional pivot in climate action to help understand the interconnected forms of social-environmental injustices that drive vulnerabilities in cities. She presented a new conceptual framework for ‘intersectional climate justice’ and illustrated it with examples of ongoing projects in Barcelona, which put gender and climate justice at the fore. 

On the second half of the seminar, we used these learnings to collectively design a “climate refuge” for our neighborhoods or local communities. Climate refuges are local spaces where vulnerable populations can take shelter during extreme weather events – but they can be much so more than that! Let’s collectively unravel their full potential to be truly inclusive, engaging, and transformative spaces in our cities.

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