CreaTures seminar #7 Isabelle le Galo & Sören Meschede

New Patrons: a methodology for a socio-political transformation through the arts, applied in Spain by Concomitentes

In this session, Isabelle Le Galo Flores, Director of Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso (Spain) and Sören Meschede, coordinator of Concomitentes, presented New Patrons, a methodology that reconnects contemporary art with the needs and urgencies of society. It helps groups of citizens to commission an artwork in order to tackle the questions that they consider important for their context. Since 1992, the New Patrons protocol has led to the completion of over 500 works of art. Many of them are striking illustrations of the extraordinary possibilities that open up when people rally to address an issue and decide to make changes in their own context. Concomitentes works with the methodology in Spain since 2018. We explained its key elements, mapped the history of its making and presented several projects, in Spain and abroad. 

Isabelle Le Galo Flores is director for Spain of the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, a grant maker family foundation dedicated to accelerating the transition towards sustainable food systems and fostering a stronger citizenship through arts. Initially trained as a mathematical engineer (Polytech) with a political sciences master’s degree (Sciences Po Paris) and a postgraduate in strategy and leadership (Glasgow University), Isabelle started her career as communication director in the field of health, working closely with patient organizations on their empowerment.


Sören Meschede (Stuttgart, 1976) is working as coordinator of Concomitentes. This initiative, founded in 2018 with the strong and strategical support of Fundación Daniel y Nina Carasso helps groups of citizens to commission the work of art that they consider essential for their context. With degrees in Philosophy and Laws, and a professional background in journalism, Sören works since 2004 as a cultural manager, curator and producer. In recent years he has focused his attention mainly on the field of collaborative and participatory artistic practices. 


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