CreaTures seminar #6: Pelin Tan & Katya Sander

Resilient Infrastructures, Entangled Knowledge, Transversal Methods

For the sixth seminar in this series, we were happy to welcome Prof. Pelin Tan and Prof. Katya Sander from the Kabelvag Film and Art School, Lofoten Islands, Norway, to present Resilient Infrastructures, a research project on the Anthropocene effect on the Lofoten Islands and the North Sea, focusing on food and ingredients infrastructures.

As the planetary consequences of science and industrialism are becoming undeniable, science as such – and the way in which knowledge takes shape through it – is going through radical self-questioning: Why is ”nature” understood as something outside of us, and essentially the opposite of us, when we are clearly entangled with the world in ways we have perhaps known, yet refused to realize though the ways in which we shape our modes of knowledge and ways of living – our infrastructures? Entanglements are not simple relations as the ones we have seen mapped in ecosystem diagrams in school. Rather, entanglements should be understood as complicated meshes affecting a wide range of other involvements and dependencies, all influencing each other and a wide area of surrounding situations as well, vice-versa. Entanglements exist between everything everywhere and everywhere else. Yet we know surprisingly little about how exactly situations and living conditions are affecting and influencing each other; what concretely happens in one place when something changes somewhere else.

Pelin Tan is a sociologist and art historian based in Turkey; professor at the Fine Arts Faculty, Batman University, Turkey. 6th recipient of Keith Haring Art&Activizm. Senior researcher at the center of arts, design, and social research (CAD+SR, Boston), Researcher at the Architecture Faculty, Thesally University (Volos, Greece), Visiting fellow the Human Rights Program, Bard College, New York. Tan is a recipient of the Sharjah Film grant 2020.

Katya Sander is a Danish artist and professor at the Kabelvag Film and Art School, Norway. Sander’s work has been exhibited at various venues such as Documenta12, Tate Modern London, MoMa NY, Red Cat Los Angeles, Performa11 NY, Taipei Biennial, MuMoK Vienna, Projects Art Space Dublin, München Kunstverein, NBK Berlin, CAAC Sevilla, Charlottenborg Copenhagen, The National Museum Copenhagen, and others.

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