CreaTures Seminar #4: Giuseppe Feola

Transformation to sustainability: theoretical roots and (some) research directions

For the fourth seminar we were pleased to have Giuseppe Feola, Associate Professor of Social Change for Sustainability in the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Giuseppeā€™s paper ā€œSocietal transformation in response to global environmental change: A review of emerging conceptsā€, maps the conceptual diversity of the term ā€˜transformationā€™ and tries to establish a structure to the dialogue on societal transformation in response to environmental change. In this session, Giuseppe introduced his research on understanding transformation and engage in a dialogue with some of the CreaTures researchers on the ways transformation is approached from the lens of creative practice. The session was moderated by Ann Light, Professor of Design & Creative TechnologyĀ at the University of Sussex.