CreaTures Plenary Meeting – March 2021



The CreaTures came together for a 3-day plenary session to talk about all the CreaTurely things done in the year 2020 (and what a year it was). Despite the troubles we have all been facing, our work together on the project has been nourishing, care-full, in rhythm 🌊.

At the plenary, we welcomed four new CreaTures on board: Agnieszka Pokrywka, Isabel Beavers and Amira Hanafi who are working on their Feral experimental productions, and Eva Tausig who has recently joined the Superflux crew. We had a farewell party with Kit Braybrooke, which was not really a farewell party, because we refuse to say bye and will always stay connected – “once a CreaTure, always a CreaTure” (the party really was really an excuse to have a pistachio cake, that’s all).

We shared our observations and findings from the work done so far, but also our stone talismans, water kefirs, bouncing balls, stuffed toys, future cones of hug-possibilities, postcards from the future-past, and other artifacts capturing what CreaTures is to us. DJ Frazzle Mama played her beats; Felipe came dressed as a potato and danced like crazy.

Everybody danced along.

What a fantastic bunch of creatures! We will be sharing more updates about our experimental productions, observatory cases, engagement events and evaluation insights, as they come along ✨✨✨.

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