CreaTures at 4S 2021 Conference



On 6 October 2021 our creatures Lara Houston, Ann Light & Kat Braybrooke present at the annual meeting of Society for Social Studies of Science, under the session Un/Making a Difference 1: materialities, textiles, making, mending & inventing. Abstract is available below.

Transformational Creative Practices: Interventions Towards Sustainable Futures

Due to ecological breakdown and the climate crisis we urgently need to find new ways of living within the earthā€™s limits. In pilot research Light et al. (2018) find that creative practitioners ā€“ including artists, curators, designers and citizen-led collectives ā€“ are creating a range of transformative interventions that change participantsā€™ orientation to the world, their sense of agency and sense of potential. Creative practitioners are catalysing change by gathering publics around issues that matter to them in a variety of domains, and using a range of aesthetic, affect-driven, playful and participatory interventions that have multi-layered impacts across a range of scales.

Our presentation explores the qualities of this category of ā€˜transformative creative practiceā€™ (Light et al., 2018) and how these un/making practices contribute to the everyday acts of imagining and crafting arrangements for more liveable worlds. Despite reports of a ā€˜crisis of imaginationā€™ in the stories we tell about climate change (Ghosh, 2016; Morton, 2013) our empirical work finds adaptive organisations, that are creating expanding and tentacular multi-layered practices that enrol multiple publics, often moving towards expanded imaginaries via mundane steps ā€“ engaging hesitancy, improvisation and speculation in compelling forms of ā€˜material participationā€™ (Marres, 2012).

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