🐍Uroboros Festival 2022: Shedding the Skin



The CreaTures are presenting their creative and research work at the annual Uroboros Festival of eco-social art & design that takes place in October 5-8th 2022, in Prague (CZ) and online. This year, the festival follows the main theme Shedding the Skin and presents a 4-day program of conversations, exhibitions, workshops, social presencing, AI embroidering, theatre plays, camp fires, interspecies meditations, forest walks and various feral experiments. 

The Uroboros Festival 2022: Shedding the Skin (image credit: Uroboros festival).

🐲Shedding the Skin🐲

With the 2022 theme Shedding the Skin, the art-design festival sustains its ongoing interest in exploring creative pathways to eco-social transformation, shifting the focus to internal, personal and embodied dimensions of change. How do inner transformations happening within our diverse private ecosystems – our bodies, hearts and minds – matter in the larger context of societal change? Can we, as socially and ecologically entangled individuals, appreciate and better understand our relational co-existence by turning inwards to our personal and, by definition more-than-human, interiors? How can this look and feel in the context of everyday living, working, playing, policy making? 

The festival proposes for critical reflection that to help foster eco-social change, we must embody and become a change ourselves. Through its program, Uroboros 2022 hopes to open a safe space for experimental mingling of human and non-human collaborators to explore how we can live and thrive together in the times of climate change and social segregation. 

🦑 CreaTures offerings to the Uroboros include:

🐍Feral Policy Panel (Lara Houston, Iryna Zamuruieva, Markéta Dolejšová, Ann Light, Julia Lohmann, Marion Lean):

🐍Design for Relating – Letting Go, Drifting, Making Shifts (Kirsi Hakio, Tuuli Mattelmäki / Aalto):

🐍Interspecies Meditation and Sharing Circle (Ruth Catlow / Furtherfield):

🐍The Feral Gift Exchange (Markéta Dolejšová, Danielle Wilde, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi, Andrea Botero, Iryna Zamuruieva, Ann Light, Felipe G. Gil, Martyna Miller):

🐍 Walking with Feral Forests, Creatures, Stories (Open Forest Collective, led by Chewie):

🎤🐕 Full festival program & details:  

While most of the program happens in Prague, a remote participation at selected events is available as well, via online videoconferencing and streaming platforms. The festival is free-entry, only two specialised events require a participation fee. 

The Uroboros Festival is curated and produced by Markéta Dolejšová, Lenka Hámošová and Michal Kučerák, in collaboration with Tereza Lišková, Denisa Reshef Kera and Enrique Encinas.  

Uroboros Festival 2022, 5.–8. 10. 2022

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The festival is organised in collaboration with the CreaTures (Creative Practices for Transformational Futures) project.